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Selasa, 26 April 2011

Exchange links on your blog

How to Create a script / code exchange links or link exchange
or blogroll on your blog / website

For co-netter, now can also exchange links to increase page rank
blog / web. Sometimes we find it difficult to make exchange link
because you have to copy / paste from other bloggers blog link to your blog.

Want to Swap Links? Copy / paste the following HTML code into your blog.

Tips & Tutorials

By installing the widget like the example above, you can help other bloggers
for easy exchange links. They live copy / paste the script blogroll or sidebar of their blog can also be placed else gets on the blog. You can adjust according to the needs of the appearance of your blog.


How do I create a link exchange script? Well, here's how to create a script / code exchange links or link exchange or a blogroll on a blog / web. Follow these steps:

1. Browsing to

2. On the top menu click on the Logos, to appear as shown

3. Choose / click on the logo you like

4. Logo is divided into two parts, namely the right and left. Please
make arrangements or designs to suit your needs.

5. Click on Image Width to mentukan size of the logo, if already completed

click the Render button logo. Wait a while until the process of making logos
completed, as shown below.

6. Click the Download Image to directly save the logo / image to a hard drive
or your flash. Get HTML Code to get the script, will
but you are requested to register first.
should choose the first way just click the Download Image.

7. Your next task is to save the file to your hard disk online logo
or online storage. For example:, if not yet
have please register first. Take a short HTML code, because there are
large selection HTML codes are available, select the option at the bottom as an example:

8. Login to your blogger account, click Layout, Page Elements, Add a Gadget,
HTML / JavaScript, click the + (plus). Then copy / paste this script into
blog sidebar or posts could also be made specifically to exchange links like this.

The following example script that can be used to display the widget of exchange links in blog / your website:

<textarea cols="31" rows="3">&lt;a href="" target="_blank"&gt;&lt;img border="0" alt="Tips,Make money, pay to online, pay to click, pay to review, Triks AdSense, Tutorial Blog, Free Download Movie, free Software, Articles, etc" src=" "/&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</textarea></div>
<div style="text-align: center;">

BLUE = your imagelocation link
RED = for your target link
For alternatif make Image gif you can go here 

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