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Selasa, 26 April 2011


Description; Create buttons, ads and GIF animations.
Easy GIF Animator is a simple application with which you can create GIF animations from your favorites. You can add stunning visual effects, add text or moving can also edit and modify GIF images already stored on your computer.
Works with all GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP.
- Tested on Windows Vista and 7
- Language: English

Here I will explain how which makes software.
1.The first step you have to do is download this software here .

2. The second melailah install the program
3. after opening the application, you can choose the option 1,2, and 3

For No. 1 is to create a new animation, No. 2, to create new animated banners, and the third is to create animations for web or blog tom. but here I menjelakan on how to create animated banners.
4. choice no 1.

click add can choose more than one image you wish, click next, next and for last click finish. now u can save this gif on your drive.

Now you can see the results in your browser, and congratulations now you can use this software. Hopefully useful