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Jumat, 15 April 2011



Dated Released : 19 March 2004
Quality : BRRip
Info :
Runtime : 103 min
Starring : Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Kiefer Sutherland
Genre : Mystery | Thriller
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Angelina Jolie plays an FBI profiler, Special Agent Illeana Scott, who is sent to Montreal to help in a murder investigation. Agent Scott's approach to profiling the serial killer is somewhat eccentric. She goes to a crime scene, lies down in the position the victim was found, and uncovers clues the police did not notice. She gets inside the head of the serial killer and comes up with a theory that the killer is assuming the lives and the identities of the people he kills. The mother of the serial killer sees her evil son, who was supposed to have been killed by a truck years earlier, on the ferry. She goes to the police, but they do not connect him to the case. Later when the serial killer kills again, they have a witness who is an artist that can draw his face. This was the clue they needed. The police finally contact his mother and collect more information about him. Agent Scott gets involved romantically with the artist, clouding her judgment, so she wants off the case. 

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