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Rabu, 20 April 2011

My Alexa


  start making my blog on 22 March 2011 to this day I write this post April 21, 2011. almost one month I increased my alexa 27,765,883 (no link) and a week later my alexa increased to 27,703,143 on 19/04/2011. The difference is 62,740. why is that? and what do I do? I myself was also confused why  Time can be like that! found by following the program for free from traffic is the answer. with that I get about 1000 + visitors and more than 2,000 page views per week with 100% free. so hopefully this can be increased and this will bring my blog a higher level. My future goals is to beat Google, Facebook or yaho ... but that is something impossible? but it is my hope and doronganku to keep learning blogging and learn to write with my best. Alexa Internet world is badat recorder that records geometric visitor activity. and not a few bloggers to give a review of the waitress that my alexa is too complicated in its use. but that's where Alex serves as feasibility appraisal standards bodies a blog or website for the arrival of the advertiser. Alexa now has a rival product from google is google Analytic. Google Analytic is a program to record soon activitas google blog / web that has been registered in this program. Analytic google has more features than Alexa. one of the main advantages of the Google Analytic is almost supports all languages ​​that exist in the world. but the weakness rather than from what I observe is Google Analytic not have a script code for the widget blog. Thus the writing of my slightly chaotic. hopefully can help. thanks
NEW UPDATE 21/04/2011

     Today after waking I opened my blog with great surprise I saw Alexa rank acquisition increased rapidly, far different when posting the above, the number of alexa increased from 27,703,143 to 17,361,153 number. whether the wind what ever I can to get the difference 10,341,990. Commencing from the date of posting on the 19-21 April 2011. wow
On 21/04/2011 at 19:08 I increased my alexa 12,819,565

new update my alexa 24/04/2011

UP DATE 26/04/2011

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