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Senin, 18 April 2011


Donkeymail is a PTC complex. why is that? because there are so many options to get the benefits that have been provided. an example: PTC (paid to click), PTS (paid tu sign up), PTR (paid to review), and the most I like the manual surf. Manual surf is a container that has been provided by the webmaster for the publiser sufing blog or website. there any surf takes 15 seconds and every 15 seconds we would get 0.5 points. if you accumulate points you can redeem with a click on your blog. manual surf in donkeymail is an alternative to increasing traffic in your blog or website. Do not wait anymore to think. immediately list here. and see it in the registration instructions below.

The following step by step: No Minimum Payout
1. sign up HERE

2. if it is to enter your email address. immediately to log in to email and see the inbox and confirmation. after that you will get a display like this :

3. then click on the member. and will appear as follows

Here I explain about the manual surf in the picture above. just click like the picture above

4. to do surf and get points just click like the picture below

5. your can wait ads ended to 15 secon

6. equate this paper with a picture on the side

7. then you get the point of 0.5 points


8. after you get a number of points you can redeem with perclick credit. price for one-click website or blog, you are 1 credit point

9.then enter your blog address and you have to wait for webmasters donkeymail approve of about 1 x 24 hours, when it was approved by the webmaster in you will have a display like the following

10. That's a little explanation from me. if there are mistakes and my input would be very grateful to the very. for your attention I say thanks. congratulations to surf with as much

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Clixsense tutorials mengatakan...
2 Juli 2012 00.50

Donkeymails is a good site but you earning is very low. But I have cashed out around $2 from that site.