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Selasa, 19 April 2011




 Did you ever hear LIST BONUS! If you have not ever please read them carefully. LIST BONUS an increase in visitors to surf the web via email. if you register, then each day you will receive an email from LIST BONUS 20-50. there you must click on every email from LIST BONUS and you will get 15 points. at the beginning of registration you will get 1500 points and you can exchange points with the amount of credit click to your website or blog. to further below on how to use my writing to the very best and I hope I can help raise your website or blog.

The following steps steps

1. Register Here
click images like this

2. Imput your data

3. If you've finished entering data. Stay in your email confirmation. Log into your email, precisely in the inbox looking for the subject "ListBonus". click the confirmation link and you will be logged and will see a page like the following :

4. To include your website or blog page please see the following picture

5.After that you just enter the subject and the data of your website, and you also enter the amount of credit you need. in my experience, when I put the 1000 point, I get 59 hits on my website

6.Congratulations you have successfully registered your website or blog in LISTBONUS. Number of hits on your web / blog depends on the number of entry points in your email and you click on the link "Click this link to earn credits" in your email.


So a bit much explanation from me and I apologize if there are papers that are less pleased with your hearts. please leave comment

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