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Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Rolak Songo

Rolak Songo-moneyour

            Rolak Songo is the dam of the river water which was founded by Ir. Sukami in 1984. Rolak Songo name is the name of the Java language, which means nine dam foundation. Rolak Songo an irrigation system that is helping communities in the irrigation of rice fields and other necessities of life.
           In the vicinity of Rolak Songo there are many old buildings that used to be a heavy equipment warehouse and office building owned by the district. There are many other buildings around the site, among other museums Mojokerto district, building control water flow, a former sugar cane factory and others.
28/04/2011 building1
28/04/2011 building2
           Rolak Songo is the central control of water which leads to Surabaya and Sidoarjo Porong. And it can be concluded that Rolak Irrigation Songo is that in relying on the two cities. In a simple sense Rolak Songo is dead his life both regions.
           Rolak Songo Often used as a place the locals as a place for making love. That is because the place has a pretty nice scenery and not too crowded people. The silence was the answer from a pair of lovers who inin exchange feelings. If you ever get there you definitely will get peace and stillness of your heart.
         A thousand times that I am very disappointed about is so banayak empty buildings without occupants. In my heart "why this place is not in enable". I wonder what the thought by the local government that let the building was empty. Especially where buildings like the warehouse that supposedly said to be a place as a storage of heavy construction equipment Rolak Songo.

mischievous hands not separated from scratch graffiti wall the building is to reduce the element of its historic building. I do not know what he was thinking by the dauber wall of it.

            Many local residents who earn money through the Brantas River, or about Rolak Songo include fishermen, fish sellers, or sellers fast food. It could be argued that in the Brantas sungan Rolak Songo many helpful people around for their survival.
fish traders

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