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Selasa, 26 April 2011

Cultural Assimilation And Religious (MOSQUE)

     At first glance appears to form the roof of the pagoda and the dominance of red, yellow and green that makes us think that this building as a temple. However, times grafi arabic ornament on the peak at the top and walls to

convince us that it is a place where Muslims worship. Above is a photo Cheng Hoo Mosque in Surabaya, East Java Indonesia

     Building design not only accommodate the wearer's activity but also reflects the identity of the community in various aspects. Mosque as a place of worship of Muslims perform prayers also be wadaj to be shar religion and unite the community musliim thus become a very important public facilities. This is the background for the founding of Cheng Hoo Mosque which was built by the Chinese Muslim community in Surabaya. According to the founder of the mosque project leader Willy pangestu HS, Cheng Hoo Mosque name taken from the name of the ancestors of Chinese ethnic Chinese adla named admiral zheng he. This is a tribute to him for 7 times to travel goodwill.

     According to Freddy H. Istanto, an architect and lecturer at the University of Petra Surabaya, the roof of the mosque building was designed with three flat crown khaligrafi Arabic that read "GOD" on the roof. Shape of the building of this mosque are the same as traditional buildings in China.

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