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Jumat, 29 April 2011

Space Shuttle Launch on NASA TV at the Kennedy Space Center Postponed

            Space shuttle launch today of the STS-134 mission, scheduled for final launch of space shuttle Endeavour 03: 47 AND purified and was waiting for today. NASA cited problems with the heating of the shuttle APU as the reason for the cancellation of today's launch. Front cover and now the adjournment may be monitored in real time on NASA TV or online via NASA TV on the website. 
            Endeavour was his last journey begins in the region today from the Kennedy
Space Center shortly before 16 pm local time today. Just before lunch time at KSC, NASA officials announced that the launch will be washed today.
           Power units for domestic help shuttle (APU) that provides backup power for the heaters internal shuttle and an essential part of the smooth operation of the APU was reported that technical questions. During week two of Endeavour mission is scheduled to visit the
International Space Station Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer provides a carrier-3 EXPRESS and logistics and provides a small number. The date of the next launch attempt of what will be the second to last mission of NASA's shuttle has not yet announced.

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