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Selasa, 12 April 2011

FOLDERLOCK655 with key


Snoopers can't find or access the files you hide using Folder Lock, even in DOS or under other operating systems. This application provides two levels of protection: you can merely lock files and folders, or you can encrypt them using the 256-bit Blowfish algorithm. When you boot up the program, it'll ask you for a master password. Hitting the Browse link locates and lock folders anywhere on your computer, or you can simply secure them via the context menu. Encryption is limited in the free version to 25 MB.

Although the too-cute-for-words interface doesn't make them easy to find, Folder Lock does have a treasure trove of Advanced features, accessible after you hit the Options button. You can set files to be shredded, force the computer to shut down after failed entry attempts, erase document history, the clipboard and more, and enter into Stealth mode, which hides the app's presence on your computer.

The interface, which includes simple animations for no reason other than to "entertain" you, would be better served by a more standard layout that makes options readily and easily available. No doubt to excite your inner lock-breaking child, the octagonal purplish blue layout is supplemented with three more skins when you purchase the full version.

Serial Number: F6-20100504-1-397343
Key: A6845E4C86E424EECC706C24DA00F6B450D42AB6F6D47EFE820024A4DEF4FEFE

1. Download software in here
2. Run the Installer
3. Enter the Key when asked
4. Done

official download FOLDERLOCK software  here

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