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Senin, 04 April 2011


make cash

NO.1 THE BEST CASHBAR IN THE WORLD, why choose another if the other is too convoluted convolution, you try to imagine just by our OL has been paid $ 0.0001 per minute without doing anything. and let the money flow by itself, like That:

and the flow of dollars in your account with a swift, 1 min = 1 point = $ 0.0001. if you OL 24 hours you will get 1 x 60 x 24 x $ 0.0001 = 0.144, and within one month of $ 0.144 x 30 = 4.32. At first, 20Dollars2surf was quite slow to collect loose change. But after mengexplor features are offered, this program was quite exciting and could even be said quickly to collect coins. How come? Yes, it's because through fitur2 offered we can obtain sufficient bnyak dime at a time. Among Surfer bonus, Bingosurf and Wheelsurf.
. not to mention the game is on offer by 20dollars2surf like this:


With the referral program up to 10 levels down an offer of 10% of the total acquisition referral, would be able to double the income.

To accelerate the acquisition of points, you can click on the ads manually Click on the Bonus, worth 5-10 points.

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